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What we do!


A focused website that functions as a supplement to a primary website. It has custom content and design that highlights a feature, project, campaign or product. Although on its own, it's there to complement the primary site.

  • Custom
  • Focused
  • Cost efficient
  • Contests
  • Surveys
  • Product promotion
  • Lead generation
  • Events
  • Ecommerce
  • Testing your market

Headless WordPress

Easily create custom front-ends or new sites while leveraging your existing WordPress content. Scale your site with cost-effective cloud services. Integrate new 3rd party services without touching your WordPress backend.

  • Flexibility
  • Speedup site
  • Future proof
  • Content portablity
  • Inexpensive site scaling
  • Multiple microsites with your current content
  • Use as a backend
  • Leverage new cloudbased services and technologies


Get insight into your website, visitors and online campaigns. Measure site performance and monitor your site for problems. Leverage the information for future site and product development.

  • Quantify
  • Monitor
  • Innovate
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Ecommerce value
  • Dashboards for high-level reporting
  • Custom integration with internal or different vendor tools


  • Over 10 years experience
  • Worked with CNBC, Experian, Rent The Runway
  • Ecommerce and email marketing experience
  • Custom web application development




Daycare and preschool administration web based application.


  • Angular 6 web application
  • Amazon Cognito for Identity Management
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • Postgresql database
  • Flask based API


Employer resource to find available workers in the service industries.


  • VueJs
  • Amazon Cognito for Identity Management
  • Amazon Postgresql RDS
  • Amazon Elastic Search
  • Amazon SES
Paseo Baptist Church

Paseo Baptist Church

Church site with information and events.


  • Foundation 6
  • VueJS components
  • Google Captcha integration
  • Wordpress backend
  • Google API Gateway
  • Google SES
  • Google dynamoDB
Paseo Daycare and Preschool

Paseo Daycare and Preschool

Daycare website with information about services.


  • Foundation 6
  • VueJS
  • Google Captcha
  • Headless WordPress
  • Google API Gateway
  • Google SES
Johan Martin

Johan Martin

Website integrated with a WordPress blog.


  • ReactJS
  • Wordpress
  • Amazon API Gateway